At Skills Team we have years of experience delivering training and apprenticeships, and providing support to businesses looking to invest in their employees.

Our aim?

To provide simple and flexible apprenticeship solutions which enable our customers to pave first-class learning pathways for their employees, aligned to their business requirements.

Why you should consider apprenticeships:

An apprenticeship is a government approved, 12-month minimum, training programme which can be used to develop existing employees or to recruit and progress new talent. Apprenticeships blend on-the-job learning with formal training sessions provided by an approved training provider, such as Skills Team. With the Apprenticeship Levy having ringfenced funding for apprenticeships, there has never been a better time to invest in your employees.

Furthermore, it is not necessary to employ a new apprentice to take advantage of the benefits; any employer can choose to place their eligible staff on an Apprenticeship Programme in order to take advantage of training which will support their current role and future career development.

Employers are increasingly using apprenticeships to cost-effectively upskill current staff and increase staff productivity. Skills Team are working with businesses to build Levy-funded training schemes which match their skill requirements. Alongside training and relevant qualifications, employees on Apprenticeship Programmes receive ongoing soft skills support enabling them to make the most of their training opportunities.

Who is eligible for an apprenticeship?

Existing employees or new hires are eligible for an apprenticeship, providing:
• They have the right to work in the UK and have access to public funds; and,
• They are qualified at a lower level than the apprenticeship, or
• They enroll on an apprenticeship which is in a different field than any previously attained qualifications.